VORTEX rotor crushers are designed to have a long service life providing they are properly operated. VORTEX rotor crushers lead the pack in terms of robustness and total life expectancy.

Wearing parts
The user is responsible for regularly replacing wearing parts and for the machine maintenance. All wearing parts are easily and safely accessible and can be replaced in no time at all.

Advice and training
The manufacturer equips the user with the relevant knowledge and skills in personal on-site training sessions. All wearing parts and other components are available at short notice from our in-house spare parts depot.

VORTEX's 3 rules of service

Every VORTEX rotor crusher is tailored to the customer's requirements by means of an accurate analysis and assessment of needs.

Every VORTEX rotor crusher is commissioned on request by a VORTEX employee.

Wearing parts are available for decades. VORTEX rotor crushers are highly efficient and valuable machines.